Do You Want To Be A Best-Selling Author?

Self-Publishing Success Coach Claudia Svartefoss Can Help You!

Have You Ever Thought About Writing A Book Or Has Anyone Told You, You Should Write A Book?

Do you dream about “someday” starting to work on your financial freedom, and independence?

Do you feel stuck at your job, and you’d love the opportunity to discover and pursue your passion and help others with your unique experience, knowledge, and expertise in a setting where you are your own boss?

I Can Help You

Improve your mindset about your own financial freedom, so you CAN start working on achieving your goals, right now

Adapt to the changes you need to make to be successful, so you don’t take months of even years getting used to your new reality

Retrain your brain to focus on investing instead of spending, so you can fully enjoy your money at a deeper, more meaningful level because now you understand you ARE the creator of your own reality

Know what your WHY is, to be profitable, because without tapping into your real passion, and testing it in the real world, you won’t have the sustainability necessary to succeed in achieving your goals

Evaluate your idea client and customer, so you write your book and build your courses specifically for them, because there’s nothing like the feeling you get when someone says “You’ve changed my life!”

Transform your book into a marketing machine that makes you money consistently, because if you’re putting in the effort to write your book, why not make sure it reaches its fullest potential to help you succeed?

Inspire your ideal readers to buy your book, by teaching you how to create a message that sells, because without your book, there’s no transformation in your readers’ life!

Reach the next level business expansion, where you’ll learn how to create your own signature programs based on your book, so that you’re ready when your new ideal readers want to take your relationship to the next level!

Get your author website done, because that’s where all your new readers will be heading out next, after they’ve finished reading your transformational book!

+ Learn how to self-publish to best-seller status, so you get the credibility and authority that go with the level of expert you really are!

If you’re ready to say YES to YOUR dreams of freedom and financial abundance, click on the button below to schedule a complimentary Become a Best-Selling Author Session with me, and let’s get started!

Who Is Claudia Svartefoss?

Hi, I’m Claudia Svartefoss and I help everyday people achieve their dreams of freedom and financial abundance by writing a book and starting their own business, becoming best-selling authors, and creating a bigger impact in the world!

I was where you are now, not too long ago! I was daydreaming about a better life and more success for myself, but I had NO clue where to start! I struggled for years because I had no clear plan or strategy - I didn’t even know you needed one!

Finally, after a lot of trial and error, I figured it all out! I love writing about self-improvement, but as an entrepreneur I realized that I needed many other skills besides writing.

And now, I’m excited to show you how to empower yourself in your own life, write your transformational, best-selling book, and build your own successful online business, so you CAN enjoy the reality of your dreams of freedom and financial abundance, while helping more people in their lives!

I’m going to prove to you that you CAN bring your vision of success into your reality, AND enjoy the process as much as possible!

Are You Ready To Become A Best-Selling Author?

Self-Publishing Success Coach Claudia Svartefoss Can Help You!

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