Are You A New Or Aspiring Coach, Wanting To Write A Bestseller?

Do you want the credibility and authority, the structure, the confidence, the “proof on paper” you’re an expert in your niche?

Have you always wanted to write a book, but you just don’t know where to begin?

I can show you how!

5 Fatal Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making With Your Transformational Book!

This FREE guide will help you:

  • Set your transformational bestseller goals, to maximize your book and business success
  • Understand the necessary steps before you start writing your book, to avoid having to re-write or re-launch it
  • Clear up the myth that writing and self-publishing is a lonely job you must do all by yourself
  • Get a clear picture of what's possible for you and your business, when it comes to self-publishing your transformational bestseller

M.A.R.K.E.T.I.N.G Your Book Online System

Are you ready to make the jump 80% of Americans won’t, and become a bestselling transformational author… and start your successful coaching business?

Do you want to:

  • Write a transformational bestseller that gets your authentic message into thousands of your ideal readers' hands?
  • Create your own coaching business, where you can help your ideal clients at a deeper level with your expertise?
  • Build your own tribe of like-minded people, who are also your ideal clients?
  • Design your dream life by doing what you love and serving your ideal readers and clients?

I'd love to help you write your transformational book, become a bestselling author, and design your own signature program based on your book to start or grow your coaching business!

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The Aspiring Bestselling Author

Join my new Facebook community of female aspiring authors and entrepreneurs to get inspired, encouraged, and supported, and to connect with like-minded on your journey to bestseller and business success!

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I’m Claudia Svartefoss and I’m a Bestseller to Business Success Coach. I help visionary women just like you write a transformational book to start or grow your coaching business, become a bestselling author so you can benefit from the credibility and authority having your own book gives you, and develop a signature coaching program based on your book so that you can help your coaching clients at a deeper level!

Claudia Svartefoss

Bestseller to Business Success Coach

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